Case Studies

See how ASTM standards have helped these companies with R&D, innovation, time-to-market, compliance with codes and regulations, market access and more.


Enabling Global Compliance

Standards form the foundation of sterility assurance at Johnson & Johnson.


Integrating Standards at All Levels

Canada's Whitewater West Industries is a great example of how the amusement industry benefits from the establishment, innovation and continuous improvement of ASTM International standards.


Gaining Market Acceptance

A small business with a big idea gains international traction by sitting at the standards development table. Jonathan Shimshoni describes how his Israeli company, Escape Rescue Systems, made the leap from codes and standards to market access.


Tackling R&D with Standards

It takes good science and advanced technologies to make rubber components that keep appliances, cars and industrial machinery working smoothly. Brian Palecek of Trostel Ltd. describes how ASTM standards and other tools help his company streamline innovation, save money and improve speed to market.

Ensuring Product Quality for Billion-Dollar Brands

Kimberly-Clark and the power of standardization.

Innovation and Market Access

Standards empower lab equipment maker Troemner in their product development and marketing.