Industry Sector Overviews

ASTM standards impact quality and commerce in 90 industry sectors. Learn more about the important role ASTM and standards play in these industry sector overviews.


Reducing Vulnerability: Standards and Resilience

Resilience, a structure's ability to withstand and recover from disaster, is a critical issue in today's world. A number of ASTM International committees develop resilience-related standar\ ds to help assess vulnerability and to plan and design for the future.

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Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, uses computer-aided design to build objects layer by layer. Several ASTM International technical committees write standards related to this growing field.

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Keeping Aircraft Safe

Helping ensure aircraft are safe in the sky and on the ground, addressing some of the smallest parts of a private plane to the largest concerns of international airlines, a number of ASTM International committees develop standards critical to aircraft construction, parts manufacturing, maintenance and aviation fuel.


ASTM Chemical Standards: Supporting Science, Innovation and Quality Manufacturing

The global chemical industry and ASTM International have partnered for more than 100 years. Today, ASTM standard contribute to research, production, and environmental safety and to thousands of finished products manufactured from rubber, plastics, and raw materials.

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ASTM Construction Standards: Supporting the Building Industry

ASTM International and the global construction industry have long partnered to promote progress and innovation in building homes, offices, and other facilities worldwide.

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Consumer Product Standards: Improving People’s Lives

Every day, people around the world expect that their purchases — from sports equipment to vacuum cleaners — will be reliable and perform as expected. ASTM International standards play a crucial role in helping to ensure the quality and safety of these and other products, building trust between manufacturers and consumers.

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ASTM Energy Standards: Helping to Power Our Lives

As the world confronts the linked issues of economic growth and environmental sustainability, energy will play a central role. Growing demands for energy are converging with shrinking natural resources and rising concerns over climate change. Spurred on by these challenges, research and innovation are bringing forward cleaner, safer, and renewable forms of energy to fuel cars and airplanes, heat homes and offices, and provide other kinds of power. Whether it’s aviation fuel, biodiesel, natural gas, nuclear energy, solar panels, or something else, the work of ASTM International committees continues to advance the energy sector. ASTM standards help drive the development, production, distribution, and commerce of energy worldwide.

Green Materials

Propelling Green Construction into the Mainstream

For more than a century, the global building industry has partnered with ASTM International to support the high quality design, construction and performance of homes, offices and other facilities around the world. Through its diverse range of technical standards and related products and solutions, ASTM helps buildings rise safely and economically while empowering industry stakeholders to respond to changing market requirements and evolving consumer needs.

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Safe and Sustainable Highways with ASTM Standards

ASTM International standards contribute to public infrastructure project success. By supporting the science and technology of highway construction, safety, maintenance, and sustainability, standards ensure that roads are reliable, safe, and durable. Standards off er quality and performance for good returns on infrastructure investments.

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ASTM and the Metals Industry: Partners in Long-Term Success

ASTM International has been the standards development partner of the metals producing industry for more than a century. Today, thousands of ASTM standards cover both ferrous and nonferrous metals, including steel, copper, aluminum and many others. ASTM metals standards continue to make a contribution to important infrastructure construction projects as well as to the development and production of countless industrial and consumer items, equipment and machines.

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Testing Programs Improve Quality, Lower Costs, and Provide Confidence

ASTM International leads the way in testing solutions worldwide. In industries around the world, standard test methods and conformance programs play a vital role in developing, manufacturing, and trading products we rely on every day. From the toys our children play with to the gasoline that fuels our cars, testing ensures that countless products, structures, and services are safe and perform as expected.

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Driving Quality and Safety in the Automotive Industry

When the millions of passenger cars travel the roads of the world each day, ASTM International standards are helping to enhance their quality, safety and performance. Throughout the industry supply chain, ASTM standards assist in the delivery of high quality, expertly tested parts and materials to automotive manufacturers. At local car dealerships, ASTM standards aid consumer confidence by helping to ensure that the vehicles they buy are durable. Out on the road where safety and reliability matter most, ASTM standards facilitate dependable vehicle performance.

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A Greener World with the Help of ASTM International Standards

One of the most enduring contributions of ASTM standards is their role in supporting a healthy and sustainable environment. ASTM technical committees have hundreds of standards that promote the environment. The results are clear: cleaner air and water; eco-friendly homes and office buildings; enhanced waste management and recycling programs; innovations in oil spill response and cleanup; improved environmental assessments and much more.

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ASTM International Standards for Healthcare Services, Products and Technology

Every day around the globe, ASTM International standards make a vital contribution in the healthcare field. Proven ASTM standards advance human health by improving care delivery, supporting medical research and drug development, enhancing product manufacturing and much more. Developed by leading healthcare practitioners, engineering professionals and other technical experts, ASTM standards drive the science and innovation that bring about a healthier and safer way of life.

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ASTM Textile Standards - Supporting the Fabrics of our World

Textiles date back to prehistoric times when plant and animal fibers were first used to make clothing. Today, textiles are a trillion-dollar industry, the largest employer in the world. Textiles can be found in our clothing, home furnishings, vehicles, cell phones, and more. And, for more than a century, standards from ASTM committees, beginning with Committee D13 on Textiles, have helped ensure the quality, safety, consistency of textiles, and the international trade of textile products.

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A Technical Foundation for Unmanned Aircraft

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly called drones, are dramatically changing how our world works. Some drones can sit in the palm of your hand while others are the size of jets. The uses for these unmanned devices are also proliferating: inspecting infrastructure, responding to emergencies, collecting weather data, delivering packages, and more. Standards must keep pace to ensure that drones and drone operations continue to support innovation, performance, and safety.