Global Cooperation

ASTM International is an organization of inclusion - offering global access to fully transparent standards development, resulting in the highest technical excellence in standardization.

MOU Program

Initiated in 2001, ASTM International's Memorandum of Understanding program promotes:

Communication between signatory member standards bodies;

Awareness of each other's standardization systems; development of national standards;

De-duplication of efforts; and support of the development activities of members.

Over 100 participating bodies national and regional standards bodies worldwide.

Standards Expert Program

Established in 2005, the Standards Expert Program (SEP) is a key benefit offered to MOU signatories. Each year, through the SEP, ASTM offers to host three standards experts for a one-month period at ASTM headquarters. During their stay, the expert learns about ASTM International and its operations, ASTM technical committees and ASTM's virtual tools.

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Each year, through the Standareds Expert Program, ASTM hosts standards experts at ASTM headquarters.
Standards Expert Program

Cooperative Training Programs

Intensive Training Program

Available to representatives of industry and government who wish to utilize or better understand and apply ASTM International standards; and contribute to or influence the content of the ASTM standards to reflect local market and regulatory needs. The program typically includes 8 – 10 participants who come to the U.S. for training.

MoU Technical Visitor Grant Program

The MoU Technical Visitor Grant Program is a special funding opportunity offered by ASTM to its MoU signatories to strengthen the participation of technical experts from around the world in the ASTM standards development process.

Virtual MOU Training

ASTM International offers interactive web-based training workshops, using the Internet, telephone, or VOIP.

Web Training on Demand

ASTM International, working cooperatively with its members and MoU partners, regularly provides guidance, training, and support to technical experts and the staff of national standards bodies via webinars.

Roads Shows

ASTM International Road Shows are opportunities for senior staff and members of the Global Cooperation Department to meet with stakeholders worldwide —from current and potential MoU partners, public and private organizations, businesses small and large, universities, and government officials. Past Road Shows have included visits to South America, Central America, and Asia.

Begun in 2014 and ending in 2019, ASTM International led a Market Development Cooperation Program (MDCP) with financial assistance from the International Trade Administration (ITA).

ASTM complies with the WTO Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement principles.